Astigmatism is a common eye condition that can cause blurring of our vision at all distances.

It occurs when the cornea (the front surface of the eye) or the lens inside the eye doesn’t have a perfectly spherical surface but is more rugby ball shaped.

The irregular shape of the surface means that light passing into the eye is focussed at different points within the eye and the image is therefore blurred.

Astigmatism is often present in combination with long or short sightedness so may affect our distance or near vision more noticeably.

We are able to correct astigmatism very effectively with both glasses and contact lenses but the type and amount of astigmatism you have may sometimes influence which of these options is best for you.  Following an eye examination your optometrist will be able to explain the options and recommend what is best for you.

Wearing correction will not cause astigmatism to get worse so you can wear your glasses or contact lenses whenever you feel it improves your vision.