Eye Examinations

Every eye examination should be more than a quick test of your sight to see if you need glasses.  It should be a thorough assessment and investigation of both your vision and your ocular health.

It is only with regular, thorough eye examinations, using the latest technology that we can be confident our eyes are healthy. Our practice has continually invested in cutting edge equipment to ensure that we are always able to offer our patients the most advanced eye examination possible.

Unlike other opticians, our experienced Optometrists carry out all the investigations in our well equipped consulting room, with plenty of time to interpret all the results and discuss them with you fully.

We believe that it is not only our duty but also your right, to be offered the best available care and service, not just the cheapest.

This is why we have developed several examination options for you to choose from, designed to meet your clinical needs and give you piece of mind that everything possible has been done to look after your most precious sense, your sight.