New Contact Lens Fitting

Trying contact lenses for the first time can be a daunting experience.

At Robert E Lloyd, we have a successful track record of fitting patients from eight to eighty years old, with all kinds of contact lenses and we promise to make it a relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding process.

We will start with a through examination of your eyes to assess their suitability for the different types of contact lenses.  After discussing your lifestyle and visual needs we’ll be able to recommend the best type of lens for you to begin with.

We’ll ensure the lens we choose fits you well, gives you good vision and that you find it comfortable.

We will then teach you how to apply and remove the lenses from your eyes safely and how to care for the lenses.  This process can be difficult for some to start with, but we will provide all the instruction you need in a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere.  Sometimes, more than one visit is needed and you are welcome to return as many times as you need.

Once you are confident applying and removing the lenses, we will give you a short supply to take away and try.  During this period you will find the lenses becoming more comfortable and your vision improving as you adapt to using the lenses.  If there are aspects that don’t work as well as you would like we can discuss this at your follow up appointment and make any changes that are needed.  When you are happy with the lenses, we can issue a prescription and you can order your first supply.

To make sure you’re always wearing the best lenses for your eyes and getting the best vision possible, we’ll call you back to see us once a year.  We can check the lenses still fit your eyes well, look for any changes in your eyes due to the contact lenses, talk through any problems or concerns you may have and let you know about any different or new lenses that may be more suitable for you.

These aftercare visit are not only vital for the health or your eyes but are a legal requirement for providing a contact lens specification which is needed to order lenses.

A contact lens new fit appointment is £35 and includes all trial lenses and appointments.