robert lloyd contact lenses

Contact Lenses

No matter why you need to wear vision correction, there is a contact lens that is right for you!

If it’s been a while since you’ve tried lenses, or you’ve been told in the past they weren’t available in your prescription, then now is the time to try again.

Thanks to the modern materials and manufacturing methods used to produce lenses today, they are now more comfortable than ever and available in almost all prescriptions.
So even if your vision is only blurred when you try to look at things close up, or when you are looking in to the far distance then there is a contact lens designed for you.
At Robert Lloyd, we fit and supply all types of contact lenses from soft daily disposables to rigid gas permeables and specialist contact lenses.
Whether you want to wear lenses occasionally, to play sport or for a night out, or you’d rather be free to go without your glasses from day to day we can help you find the contact lens thats perfect for you.